The new collection, Saint Babila by Rivolta, makes its grand entrance at the Milan furniture fair show in April 2011, and instantly marks a veritable watershed in the company’s history. A special collection that breaks out of the traditional mould of contemporary furniture.

The universe of fashion is the main source of inspiration and it is delivered every time in a very different way in order to shock and please.

The line draws inspiration fron the name of a famous piazza in Milan, situated in a district renowed among lovers of fashion and interior design.

The collection is enhanced with furnishing elements in unusual, eye-catching shapes that give interiors a brand new appeal.

Saint Babila confirms the evolution and the attitude of the company towards a total look with a desirable and defined character for a clientele which is aiming luxury with characteristics of unique personality.

Glamour, elegance and respect for the finest qualities, of material and manufacture, that culminate in a dynamic and involving energy.

Emanating a certainty born from experience, the creations value fine craftsmanship and true italian style.

Saint Babila keeps up with made in Italy’s reputation, that made our country famous all over the world.