“There is a material whose craftsmanship still have, even today, the old bit of magic. A material which, in modern times, requires a lot of practice and patience to be transformed from raw material to luxury product. This takes more than theory, a lot of experience gained over the years and art and skills handed down from generation to generation. This material is leather. The usage of leather is very complex because each piece is different. It is this uniqueness which creates a timeless charm.”


Our company, specialized in leather working has the mentality of the real handicraft shop were work and expertise are symbols of a long professional experience and the fondness we have for our job. All the Rivolta products are designed on the basis of careful and accurate research work in order to make the best choice of materials, to obtain the best of comfort from precise ergonomic studies, and to offer to our customers an original design and a refined care for details.

At Rivolta our painstaking attention to detail knows no bounds. Our upholstered goods are made with the greatest of skill and upholstery materials are turned into masterpieces of tailoring, as yet another expression of a product philosophy that has long been without parallels in terms of quality and durability. But that’s not all. Leather is our culture, our history and our style. From colour, to feel, to sophisticated stitching, it reveals a kind of beauty that keeps pace with the times and shuns every form of excess.

We forge ahead in this mission from year to year, with a perceptible dedication to value that just keeps growing. The history of the Rivolta company intertwines with the history of a land of longstanding fame in the field of furnishings, Brianza, were the business was launched in 1973.

With a long experience acquired on the furniture market since forty years, the technical baggage and the design are involved in a creative process filled with aesthetic and functional values generating an universe of pieces dedicated to the home, with a prevailing profound meaning of domestic quality aimed to improve life triumphs.

The collections include a wide-ranging design vision dedicated to contemporary design and to a cosmopolitan spirit that reflects the latest fashion trends, elegantly complemented by accessories and furnishings. The design and development on layouts proposed to our international clientele has become in the years our strength point.
We are able to provide our customers with even more sophisticated and exclusive turnkeys offers elegantly complemented by accessories and furnishings.